Solid Wood Flooring

The definition of luxury flooring..

Solid wood flooring is a warm, attractive and sturdy form of floor that offers householders a durable, reliable and impressive base to their interiors.

The authentic, natural characteristics of real wood flooring also make solid wood floors a beautiful addition to any home.

The striking appearance is matched by a long-life expectation that, with the right maintenance, will see the floor provide many years of excellent quality service.

The wood comes in thick planks and as it can expand or contract with moisture it must be installed in the correct way to allow it space for small adjustments in size.

But as long as this is the case it provides a beautiful centrepiece to a home from a completely organic source, with qualities that artificial flooring may struggle to get near.

The great joy of hardwood is that it is real wood flooring. This means that whether you choose between ash and oak  your product will be full of the beautiful character which real wood floors are known for.

Hardwood surfaces are not only known for being an attractive and incredibly distinctive style of flooring. They also have the original, natural element which even the best artificial flooring materials would find difficult to match.

It is organic and many products offer the option of distinctive markings from the heart of a tree, such as rings, knots and other features. It offers warmth that helps create an atmosphere of comfort in the home.

Solid wood floors are also known for their strength and durability and, if the correct maintenance steps are followed your hard wood flooring will last a long time.